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    ical zones. They have been found in Yunnan and Tibet, but the actual number of the animals remaining in the wild ▓is unclear.  Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR▓ Code to follow us on WechatOnline shopping platform selects cat as 'chief cute officer'Online shopping platform sele

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    cts cat as 'chief cute officer'Onl▓ine shopping platform selects cat as 'chief cut▓e officer'10-27-2016 10:20 BJTChinese online shopping platform Tmall announced on Oct.20 its decision to select a c▓at as the company’s 'chief maimeng ▓(cute) officer' for the upcoming Nov. 11 online ▓shopping festival. The announcement h

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    as i▓ntrigued pet lovers worldwide, convincing cat owners around the globe to compete for the 'CMO' position.In ▓order to promote its Singles Day online shopping festival▓, the e-commerce giant, whose Chinese name trans▓lates to "sky cat," will select one feline to serve▓ as its brand ambassador. Cats from anywhere in the ▓w

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has also launched augmented real▓ity (AR) games featuring the cat celebrities. With the help of AR and LBS technologies, Internet users can in▓teract with beloved cat cel

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